Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thanks for Born Too Late

Thanks to everyone one that attended. It was a success. It was cold as fuck but everyone partied on. Sorry to all the throphy winners we forgot to give you t-shirts.. hah. If anyone has my bag i lost it.
Look forward to next time


  1. Hey I'm doing a sort motorcycle fanzine with a friend in Melbourne, would you be interested in writing something about Born Too Late for it??? And have a bunch of photos and shit? We're printingit on a risograph so it won't be your usual shiney bike porn sorta thing, but a bit rougher, more like an old 60s fanzine kinda thing. There'll be all kinds of writing and writers, most have never really written before.

    Just thought I'd ask. We're trying to get all content in by end of August at the latest though. I guess One Percent will be doing something on it too though eh?

  2. hey man. only just saw this message now. did you get the mag out? could do it on the next one. email me if you want to get in contact